Sleep is important. It does not only help relax but also help in cutting weight or prevent an increase in weight but for those who take good sleep. Read on to understand how the above happens.

Mechanisms of how regular sleep help in weight loss

Helps the body burn more calories

Research shows that normal sleepers spend 5% resting energy that those who do not. Resting energy is the amount of calories burned when the body is normally resting. This means that for those who sleep normally and sound, they burn 20% more calories than individuals depriving themselves of sleep.

It helps avoid late night snackingdfcvgbsdfhn

If you stay up late night, you will be tempted to bite something. From a recent research, it was found out that individual sleeping between 4 is and 8 am gain weight faster that those sleeping normally from 11 pm to 8 am. Moreover, people who rest for long are most likely to exercise.

It makes one a wise shopper

When hungry, it is more likely that you pick anything that comes your way without minding the health implications. The same applies to if you go shopping tired and sleepy, you will only reach for calories loaded food. Men deprived of sleep have been found to shop food with about 1300 calories compared to men who get good sleep.

It helps avoid bigger portions

People have a problem of portion distortion which results to overreacting. The effect is more evident to people who lack enough sleep. They are the ones who go for bigger portions hence more weight gain.

It helps regulate hunger hormone

Lack of sleep makes the body increase the production of Ghrelin hormone, which is responsible for hunger. Lack of sleep reduces production of Leptin hormone, which tells the brain that the body does not need food. The imbalance of the above hormones always mean hunger, and the individual at hand eats more gaining more weight.

It helps reduce stress

edsdffghStresses individuals lack enough sleep. As stress increase the quality and length of sleep decrease. Individuals under stress have been reported to experience a feeling of tiredness and fatigue. During stress period a hormone known as cortisol is produced. It increases the level of appetite and elevates the need to eat. From the above is evident that sleep is important and in a great way affects the level of weight gain. To stay healthy and relaxed make sure to get enough sleep.